Electric Ball Valve
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Electric Ball Valve

UPVC Electric Ball Valve

UPVC electric ball valve is in double union, flange connection type, can be equipped without any special tools. It is compact, resistant to wear, easy to removeIt widely applies to drainage and waste water pipe system, saltwater and seawater pipe system.
Description Valve Parameter Main Dimension of Out shape


1. Wide temperature range:-40~+95

2. Excellent intensity and tenacity

3. Excellent chemical resistance

4. Self-extinguishing

5. Low heat conductivity, it is about 1/200 of steel

6. Heavy iron in medium far beyond pure water standard

7. Sanitary index meet the national required standard

8. Less friction and adhesion when transfer liquid because of smooth tube wall

9. Light, the weight is about 1/5 of steel pipe,1/6 of copper pipe

10. Easy to install, in flange, thread, union connection type

11. Because of excellent aging resistance and uvio-resistant performance, the service life is longer than other tube system