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Multi-turn Electric Actuator

AOX-M Multi-turn Electric Actuator

AOX-M series intelligent multi-turn actuator is applied in controlling various valves and other similar products. It has very large torque range from 15NM-1200NM, the speed from 40RPM-140RPM, and there are different "AOX-M" valve gear boxes can be configu
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1. Performance Features

1.1 Shell

The main shell is made of cast iron.The surface coating of epoxy resin, and go through coating protective treatment, with high corrosion resistance, the protection grade is IP67, NEMA4 and 6,and IP68 as options.

1.2 Motor

    Fully enclosed squirrel-cage motor, small size, large torque,and small inertia force,insulation class F,built-in thermal protection switch to avoid damaging the motor.

1.3 Lubrication

   In order to protect the motor against overheating, there are two series of thermal switch installed in the three-phase motor or single-phase motor winding inside. They are involved in the control circuit to prevent damage to the motor because of winding overheating. Once a winding temperature exceeds 120 ℃, the thermal switch will cut off the control power. When the winding temperature dropped to 90 ℃ the motor is restarted. Motor protection devices (thermal switch or thermistor) participate in external control wiring.

1.4 Terminal box

    Terminal box, which is double sealing and separate enclosure protection, assure the sealing integrity of the electronic component if open the box cover to make the on-site wiring. The motor and the controls are connected through the terminal (AOX-M-007 ~ 010 have 29 terminals, AOX-M-020~100 have 39 terminals).

1.5 Valve control

Using magnetic induction absolute encoder, eliminating the traditional potentiometer, improved location accuracy and the valve position can be accurately recorded without battery when the actuator power outage.

1.6 Infrared setting

The setting and diagnostic of the actuator can be processed via sealing display screen,without opening the housing. The valid distance between the setting tools and display screen is about 1-1.5m.

1.7 Local control

    Local control switches and locking type selector switch local/stop/remote are magnetic switches, controlled by magnetic reed, thus assure the damp proof sealing inside of the actuator.

1.8 Manual Structure

    The handle is designed to ensures safe, reliable, labor-saving and small.When the power outage, press the red button in the middle of handwheel to make motor and actuator disconnected, and start manual operation. Because of the automatic clutch between the motor and the operating shaft , it is easy to turn to manual operation even if the actuator at the maximum torque . After starting the motor, automatically breaks away from manual operation. When performing motor operation handwheel does not work (Note: In the situation of no electricity, the electric actuator will remain permanently manual mode)

1.9 Space heater

It is used to control temperature and remain the internal electrical components dry,it can avoid the moisture condensation inside the actuator because of the change of the temperature and weather.

1.10 Torque switch
      Providing overload protection,it can shut down the power automatically when jamming to avoid damaging valves and actuators,torque is adjustable within a certain range.

1.11 Self-locking

      Precision worm mechanism can efficiently transfer large torque, high efficiency, low noise (max 50 dB), long life, and have self-locking function to prevent the inversion, transmission part is stable and reliable.

1.12 Anti-off bolt

      The bolts will attached to the case and not fall off when removing the shell, external screws are made of 304 stainless steel.

1.13 Installation

      The bottom mounting dimensions conform to international standard ISO5210the drive sleeve can be removed for processing as needed.It can be installed vertically and horizontally.

1.14 Circuit

The control line meets the standard of single-phase or three-phase power supply, and the wiring arrangement is compact and reasonable. The actuator adopts sunflower terminal with 29 connection ports. When double-sealed connection, the terminal block is installed between the actuator cavity and the connector. Protects the device from dust or moisture, even after the cover is removed or the cable jacket is not fully sealed. Terminals are available to meet a variety of additional functions. (Can be processed according to customer requirements.)